Ardingers Fine Furniture & Gifts
Ardinger's retail business came into being on beautiful Kodiak Island, Alaska, back in 1963. It wouldn’t have happened if a wild, red-haired, U.S. Navy saxophone player named Ben Ardinger (Alex's father) had not fallen madly in love with a black-haired, lively, local Native Alaskan beauty named Hazel Cleopatra Hartman (Alex's mother). But he did, and their marriage, and family business started, and grew, and grew some more, and they stayed and committed to Kodiak for good. The town has been great to all of us and we hope we have given back our fair share.

Now we’re a third generation family business, proud and grateful to be able to offer the best in home and office furnishings to our customers at every level of income and choice of lifestyle. Furniture is so beautiful and affordable these days, it’s a pleasure to help make our customers happy with our on-floor or customized preferences. Many a customer and friend drop by our store on a particularly gloomy day, just to be uplifted by the beauty and creature comforts herein – why don’t you do the same?

People from off-island love our store, too. They’re delighted when they walk in and say “Hey, this could be Seattle, San Francisco, or New York – why isn’t there a store like this in my town?” And we say “No problem, just tell us what, when and where to ship.” Just like you on the Web.

Once a customer, we think you’ll be a customer for life! That’s not just our “brag”, that’s the claim of those who value quality and return again and again.


Oh, and we never forget to say: “Thank you, your business means a lot to us.” It always has.

 Casey and Alex Turner