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CRESENT is celebrating 60 years as a family business. Our designs range from transitional to Art Deco and include updated traditional and contemporary influences.

We are proud to have been in the business for six decades and as our third generation family management team begins to hit their stride, we want you to know how we have changed with the industry, while sticking with some Core Values our founder insisted upon:

* Treat customers fairly. If you do so, they will keep coming back.
* Do what is right. It may cost us a few bucks today, but it builds brand loyalty down the road.
* Make a good product. We continuously strive to improve our products and processes and pass along those improvements to the consumer in the form of better home furnishings.
* Have fun. Enjoy what you are doing and the people you work with.

Cresent is proud to be one of the founding members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC). SFC is a new industry organization formed to promote sustainable practices within the home furnishings industry and raise awareness among consumers and buyers.

As a family business that manufactures home furnishings, we are aware of the threats to the environment that our industry inflicts. Our family is working to expand our sustainable practices and is committed to continuous improvement in all of our activities. Specifically, we are working with our finish suppliers to use coatings with low emissions (VOCs and VHAPs) and our lumber vendors to ensure an increasing percentage of sustainably forested timber is available for our products.

All of our furniture is built to the same time-honored specifications upon which our company was founded. We utilize only the finest furniture hardwoods and veneers for case construction. We feature mortise and tenon joinery, dovetailed drawer construction, dovetailed wood on wood drawer guides with safety stops and custom designed hardware. All of our finishes are applied by hand and protected with two coats of furniture lacquer.